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Research topics

Effect of reclaimed effluents on drip irrigation systems
Filter and emitter clogging that the use of reclaimed effluents originates in both superficial and subsurface drip irrigation systems and their affect on water distribution uniformity are studied.

Modelling of water and nitrates distribution in soil by irrigation
Several codes for simulating water and nitrates movement in soil have been developed an applied with the aim of improving the design, management and efficiency in drip and surface irrigation.

Optimization of park and garden irrigation systems
Irrigation systems in parks and gardens are evaluated for identifying those strategies that allow a use improvement and a reduction of water consumption.

Irrigation water economy and management
On one hand, this research line through economic analysis complements the technical results of the other research lines. On the other hand, the use of economic tools as a system to optimize water consumption in irrigation (water markets and tariff control) is evaluated.


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