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  • Experimental drip irrigation system with reclaimed effluents
    • Filtration platform with 4 filtration systems
    • Flow and pressure data continuous acquisition system
    • Water quality parameters (pH, electrical conductivity, suspended solids, turbidity and dissolved oxygen) continuous acquisition system
    • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) of irrigation system
    • Simultaneous experiments with 6 different types of emitters
  • Equipment for flow and pressure measurement
    • Hydrometric mill, for measuring water velocity in channels
    • Electromagnetic flow meters, volumetric flow accumulator with impulse emission
    • Digital manometers and pressure transmitters
    • Discharge meters for flow measurement in surface irrigation
  • Portable equipment for measuring water quality parameters
    • pH, electrical conductivity, temperature and dissolved oxygen measurer
    • turbidity measurer
  • Equipment for measurement of soil water status
    • EnviroScan, which allows continuous water content in soil data acquisition in 32 points. FDR technology
    • Diviner 2000. Portable system for water content in soil data acquisition along several depths in soil profile
    • Watermarks. Continuous soil water potential measurer by means of granular matrix sensors
  • Laboratory
  • Software
    • SIMDAS. Code for simulating water movement in soil with drip irrigation (developed by the research group)
    • HYDRUS-2D/3D. Code for simulating water and solute movement in porous media
    • SIRMOD III. Code for simulating surface irrigation

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